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Trusty Cable Tool - Lowrance

With this tool you can remove or install your graph in seconds without damaging the cables.  So many times when you have to make a stop, you leave the graph unattended & open to be stolen.  As you know, you can have hundred$ or even thousand$ of dollar$invested in a Lowrance graph.
Why take the chance of it getting stolen? 

This is the handiest tool you will have on your boat.


Trusty Cable Tool


Double Ended Tool

Removes all three cables

Item number: TCT-DE
Price: C$13.99
Availability: In Stock



Single Ended Tool

Removes power and sonar cables

Item number: TCT-SE
Price: C$10.99
Availability: In Stock


Trusty Cable Tool Will Fit

Lowrance Models:
LCX: 110C, 111C HD, 17M, 20C, 25C, 26C HD

LCX: 112C, 113C HD, 27C, 28C HD, 37C, 38C HD

LMS: 330C, 332C, 334C iGPS, 335C DF, 337C DF, 339C DF iGPS, 480

LMS: 520C, 522C iGPS, 525C DF, 527C DF iGPS

X100C, X102C, X105C DF, X107C DF, X125, X126DF, X135, X136DF, X52, X59DF

X-510C, X-515C DF

HDS: 10, 10m, 5, 5m, 5x, 7, 7m, 8, 8m

HDS: PC-30-RS422

HDS Touch 7, 9, 12


GlobalMap: 3300C, 3500C, 3600C iGPS, 4800, 4900M, 5500C, 6500C, 6600C HD, 7500C, 7600C HD, Baja, Baja C

GlobalMap: 5200C, 5300C iGPS, 7200C, 7300C HD, 8200C,          8300C HD, 9200C, 9300C HD

PC-21x Power Cord: 2400, 3000, 4000M

LCX: 15CT, 15MT, 16CI

LMS: 240, 320

SeaCharter: 320DF, 480DF


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