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TH Marine - Rigging Accessories

Outboard Rigging Flange & Hose

Dress up, protect, and organize your outboard rigging.

These components provide an excellent system to protect cables and wiring from dirt, abrasion, sun and water. The rigging flange serves to connect the rigging hose, which comes from the engine, to the boat.  The molded polypropylene flange is internally threaded to retain rigging hose and to make rigging adjustment simple. The back side of the flange is textured to allow inverted mounting. Our rigging hose is durable, flexible, and kink resistant. This rigging hose is the hose of choice for most OEM boatbuilders in the U.S.  The molded vinyl cap provides a closure for the engine end of hose if needed & flange for 2" rigging hose.

RFK-1CP-DP     Price: C$74.99

Rigging Flange Kit, 2" Chrome Rigging Flange w/ 4' Black Rigging Hose

*This item is only available for shipment within Canada

Zippered Rigging Sleeve

Stylish Zippered Rigging Sleeve

Protect your cables and hoses with this easy to remove rigging sleeve. Made of rugged Sunbrella® fabric, this sleeve will withstand the elements and resist fading. Easily zips on and off to access cables of hoses when needed. Ends are secured with cable ties sewn into pockets.
  • Zips On and Off to Protect Cables and Hoses
  • Rugged Sunbrella® – Weather & UV Resistant
  • Ends are Secured with Cable Ties

ZRS-1DP    Zippered Rigging Sleeve - 48" Long

Price: C$74.99

FLX-150 - 1 1/2" Dia.

FLX-75 - 3/4" Dia.

 T-H FLEX™ Expandable Braided Sleeving

T-H FLEX™ is a lightweight, braided jacketing for bundling and protecting wires, cables and hoses. Braided from high temperature yarns, T-H FLEX™ offers total protection for wire and cable assemblies. The unique expansion characteristics makes T-H FLEX™ easy to slip on. Only a few sizes are needed to cover a large diameter range, since each size of T-H FLEX™ expands up to four times its normal diameter.  The sleeving cuts easily and cleanly with a hot knife and once installed, will beautify and protect any wire, hose or cable application.
  • Lightweight Protective Sleeving
  • Protects Wire, Cables and Hoses
  • Braided from High Temperature Yarns
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Simplifies and beautifies any rigging application

FLX-150    T-H FLEX™ Flexible Sleeving, 1 1/2" diameter

Price: C$3.99 per foot

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FLX-75    T-H FLEX™ Flexible Sleeving, 3/4" diameter

Price: C$1.89 per foot

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CB-1 & CBR-1


Cable Boot

World #1 Cable Boot

This is truly a functional motor well cable boot that is easy to install. No longer is it necessary to split or cut your motor well boot to pass cables through. This cable boot provides a fully open area to pass wiring and cables through and when rigging is complete simply pull cable tie snug around wires and cable to complete installation.
The cable boot is constructed of rugged black vinyl that resists ultraviolet rays, gasoline and oil. Other manufacturer boots are made of rubber which will degrade in the marine environment.  This cable boot is available in three sizes to cover all installation requirements.

CB-1    Cable Boot - 3" - Vinyl - Black     Price: C$10.99

CB-2    Cable Boot - 2" - Vinyl - Black     Price: C$8.99

CB-4    Cable Boot - 4.5" - Vinyl - Black     Price: C$13.99

CBO-1 Oval Cable Boot - 3"X6" - Vinyl - Black Price: C$13.99

Reinforcing Rings for Cable Boots

Cable Boot Trim Ring and Reinforcing Ring

Installs over the base flange of T-H Marine cable boots.  Provides a neat and tidy trim.  Reinforces the softer vinyl cable boot to protect it from pulling thru screws due to movement of cables.
Color and sized matched with T-H Marine cable boots.

CBR-1    Cable Boot Reinforcing Ring - 3" - Black

Price: C$3.99 
CBR-2    Cable Boot Reinforcing Ring - 2" - Black

Price: C$3.99
CBR-4    Cable Boot Reinforcing Ring - 4.5" - Black

Price: C$4.99


Grommets for Cable Boots

Cable Boot Grommet Protects Your Cables and Hoses

Fits underneath T-H Marine cable boot to provide a internal sleeve to protect cables, hoses and wires from chafing against a rough hole cut or sharp edge. Fits into pass-thru hole for steering, electrical and control cables and provides a smooth, chafe-free fitting. Cable boot fits snugly onto top of grommet.

CBG-1    Cable Boot Grommet - 3" - Black

Price: C$6.99 
CBG-2    Cable Boot Grommet - 2" - Black 

Price: C$6.99
CBG-4    Cable Boot Grommet - 4.5" - Black

Price: C$7.99



RF-1-DP & RFH-1-DP

Rigging Flange with Fuel Hose Port and Rigging Hose Union

Rigs Cables & Electrical with Fuel Primer Bulb Exposed

  • Completes Professional Rigging Installation
  • Complies with ABYC - NMMA Specs
  • Split Design Allows Installation on Pre-Rigged Boats
  • Fuel Hose Port Fits Type "A" Hose & Hose Union Fits Type "B" Hose
  • Installs with T-H Marine Rigging Hose

RFFHP-1DP     Price: C$21.99

2" Rigging Flange with Fuel Hose Port - Black

RFHU-1DP     Price: C$19.99

2" Rigging Flange Hose Union - Black

Outboard Rigging Flanges

RF-1-DP    Price: C$19.99

2" Rigging Flange - Black

RF-1CP-DP    Price: C$39.99

2" Rigging Flange - Chrome Plated

Outboard Rigging Hose

RFH-1-DP    2" Rigging Flange Hose - Black

Price: C$9.99 / ft.

*This item is only available for shipment within Canada 

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Bulkhead Strain Relief

Prevents Kinks and Chaffing in Hydraulic Steering Hose

  • Distributes Strain From Bends in Hose
  • Water Tight Gripper Fitting — No Leaks
  • Great for Hydraulic Steering Hose
  • Bulkhead Fitting Has Flange for Protection
  • Flange available in black
  • Flange is 2-3/4” Dia. & Requires 1-1/4” Installation Hole

NOTE: Only bulk hose can pass through this fitting. Pre-made hoses with end fittings cannot pass through and each kit only contains one flange.

BSR-1K-CB-DP    Bulkhead Hydraulic Hose Strain Relief
                             Kit - Chrome Base

Price: C$24.99

BSR-1K-DP    Bulkhead Hydraulic Hose Strain Relief Kit
                       - Black Base

Price: C$27.99

Utility Grommet - Fishing Rod Grommet


The flexible grommets have many uses - the main two being holding fishing rod tips & butts and serving as a pass thru for wires & cables.
The Utility Grommet is molded of tough, flexible, vinyl. It is designed for multiple uses in boats, such as cable pass thru, landing net holder, fishing rod support or protector, stern light holder or any number of other uses. For bulk head pass-thru, simply mount and run cables, wires, etc. through to prevent chafing. For land nets, fishing rods, stern light or other items, simply mount and insert items to be protected or held in place. To remove items from utility grommet, simply pull. This utility grommet can be used either horizontal or vertical. To install simply cut a 2 1/4" diameter hole and install with four (4) pan head screws (not furnished).

UG-1    Price: C$13.99 / Pair

Utility Grommet / Rod Grommet - 3-3/8" OD - Black

UG-2     Price: C$14.99 / Pair

Utility Grommet / Rod Grommet - 2-3/4" OD - Black

UG-3     Price: C$21.99

Utility Grommet / Rod Grommet - 4" OD - Black

Oval Grommet


This black polypropylene grommet provides protection for cables and wiring that must pass through wall or deck of boats. Installs with two #6 countersunk screws in an oval hole that is 1 1/2" x 3". Excellent for control cables going to throttle box.

OG-1    Oval Grommet - Price C$7.99


Decorative Wire Cover

Simple solution for covering wire passage holes.

Gives boat that finished look, covers unsightly wire pass-thru holes.
Covers holes up to 1 1/4" in diameter.
Packaged version comes complete with mounting screws.

DWC-1    Decorative Wire Cover with Hardware

Price: C$3.99

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