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Rod Tamer™ Rod Straps

ROD TAMER™ Straps made to be a fishing rod saver

ROD TAMER™ straps are the best design and highest quality of any rod holding device on the market. These straps are molded of black polyurethane material that will retain its stretch and remain unaffected by sunlight and most chemicals. Unlike the old hook-and-loop straps, they will not get hung up in fish hooks, they will not lose their hold when wet, and they will not fade out. Gunwale mount and deck mounts styles are available. With both styles the straps stretch over rods and hook into a loop mounted on the deck.

The mounting flange mounts into a 3/4" hole in the gunwale with two countersunk screws. Strap can retract into the gunwale when not in use. This model is perfect for most fiberglass boats.

The strap end mounts to the deck with one countersunk screw. This model is perfect for aluminum or foam-filled fiberglass boats that cannot accept the retracting gunwale mount version.

RHD-1-DP    ROD TAMER™, 12" gunwale mount, holds
                      up to 3 rods -
Price: C$17.99

RHD-2-DP    ROD TAMER™, 18" gunwale mount, holds
                      up to 6 rods -
Price: C$18.99

RHDN-1-DP    ROD TAMER™, 12" gunwale mount with
                         small hook, holds up to 3 rods
Price: C$12.99

RHDN-2-DP    ROD TAMER™, 18" gunwale mount with
                         small hook, holds up to 6 rods
Price: C$14.99

RT-14-DP    ROD TAMER™, 14" deck mount small hook,
                     holds up to 4 rods - Price: C$10.99

RT-18-DP    ROD TAMER™, 18" deck mount small hook,
                     holds up to 7 rods - Price: C$12.99


Side Mount Rod Holders

Single side mount rod holder with standoffs

The Rod Holder is injection molded of UV stabilized poly material for strength and durability.

Holes are provided for screw mounting either individually or in multiples on a rack. A slot is provided for the reel to slip into to prevent the rod from moving.

The Rod Holder is 11 3/4" long with an inside diameter of 1 7/8". The spacing between the two mounting holes is 6 1/4".

Mounting standoffs (to allow indiviual side mounting).

RHSF-3B-DP    Rod Holder, Side Mount, Rocket Launcher
                          /Rack Style, Fixed standoffs, Black
- Price: C$11.99

RHSF-3W-DP    Rod Holder, Side Mount, Rocket Launcher
                           /Rack Style, Fixed standoffs, White
- Price: C$11.99


Rod Storage Holder Rack

Versatile 6 Rod Storage Rack

Molded frame with slit closed-cell foam inserts hold up to six rods safely and securely.
  • Stores 6 rods neatly and securely.
  • Mount horizontally or vertically.
  • Foam grip pads.
  • Great for boats, RVs or garages.
  • Economical for boat rod lockers.
  • Corrosion proof.
  • Durable and lightweight.
FRH-1P-DP    Foam rod holders, five rod, packaged pair

Price: C$26.99

Utility Grommet - Fishing Rod Grommet


The flexible grommets have many uses - the main two being holding fishing rod tips & butts and serving as a pass thru for wires & cables.
The Utility Grommet is molded of tough, flexible, vinyl. It is designed for multiple uses in boats, such as cable pass thru, landing net holder, fishing rod support or protector, stern light holder or any number of other uses. For bulk head pass-thru, simply mount and run cables, wires, etc. through to prevent chafing. For land nets, fishing rods, stern light or other items, simply mount and insert items to be protected or held in place. To remove items from utility grommet, simply pull. This utility grommet can be used either horizontal or vertical. To install simply cut a 2 1/4" diameter hole and install with four (4) pan head screws (not furnished).

UG-1    Utility Grommet / Rod Grommet - 3-3/8" OD -
              Black - Price: C$13.99 / Pair

UG-2    Utility Grommet / Rod Grommet - 2-3/4" OD -
              Black - Price: C$14.99 / Pair

UG-3    Utility Grommet / Rod Grommet - 4" OD - Black -
              Price: C$21.99

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