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TH Marine - Aeration & Livewell Accessories


Max-Air™ Livewell Venturi Aerator Kit

Max-Air™ Venturi Livewell Aeration System

Independent marine biologist testing shows that this type venturi livewell fitting is the most efficient aeration system available.

  • The venturi system draws fresh air from outside the livewell and injects tiny air bubbles into the water flowing into the livewell.
  • With the aerated water entering the well at a lower level than with traditional spray heads, the entire well is more thoroughly aerated.
  • The reduced restriction of this fitting allows more water to flow from the pump than traditional spray heads.
  • The faceplate inlet can be mounted anywhere above the waterline (exposed or concealed).
  • System requires 1/8" tubing (speedo tubing is recommended).

MAV-2KT    MAX-AIR™ Venturi fitting with air intake face
                    plate and 6' speedo tubing
Price: C$26.99



Aerator Screen Strainer Stainless Mesh

T-H Marine is the ORIGINAL source of stainless aerator screens

These screw-on stainless steel wire mesh strainers are designed to provide effective, dependable protection against trash or fish scales which could clog drains in bait wells or pump impellers in aeration systems.

Made from formed stainless steel wire mesh cloth and then molded into a PVC base with internal threads this unit is non-corrosive, functional and looks extremely good installed on any boat.

AS-1: Used on any aerator pump intake. Simply screws onto threaded pump intake in livewell or on exterior of boat. Thread: 3/4"-14

AS-2: Used as a strainer on livewell drains. Screws onto thru-hull fitting. Fits T-H Marine thru-hulls (TH-1, TH-1XL, TH-90 and TH-92).  Thread: 1"-8


Aerator Screen/Strainer for aerator pumps - 3/4"-14 thread - Black base
- Price: C$14.99


Aerator Screen/Strainer for 3/4" thru hull fittings - gray base - Price: C$14.99

Miniature Stainless Aerator Screens - Push In

These innovative screens can be used as a pump screen for recirculation systems or as a drain filter on thru hulls. The aerator screen simple pushes into any 3/4" or 1 1/8" thru-hull fitting. It fits snugly but is easily removed for cleaning.
  • Pushes snugly into thru-hull fittings
  • Easily removed for cleaning
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Great for recirculation systems or drains

ASM-5: fits 1-1/8" thru-hulls or our APD serires of all purpose drains

Aerator screen, stainless, miniature push in for 1 1/8" fittings - Price: C$14.99

Bait Tank and Plumbing Kit

This kit contains everything needed to rig a baitwell or tank.

This kit includes professionally designed systems for aeration, directional flow, overflow drain and complete drain accessories. Just plumb your tank according to the detailed installation instructions.
The kit contains the following T-H Marine products:
  • ODT-190 90º overflow drain tube
  • TH-1202 - 1 1/8" thru-hull for overflow control, drain plugging and well draining
  • AHV-1 valved aeration head for pumping in fresh water
  • DAH-90 directional aerator head for current creation
  • TEE 3/4 tee to connect both aerator heads to aerator pump
BWK-2-DP    Baitwell / Bait Tank Aeration & Plumbing Kit
                      - Standard - Price: C$45.99



ODT-1-12-GSTW w/ODTS-1


Livewell Overflow Drain Tubes


T-H Marine pioneered the use of the overflow drain tube for boat livewells.  The original overflow drain tubes are still the best in the industry.  Our tubes provide a very functional way to plumb a livewell.  Using our overflow tubes means you only need one hole in the livewell and one fitting to serve as both the overflow and the drain.  Instead of reaching into the water and getting wet to pull a drain plug, you simply pull the tube out from the top and draining begins.
  • Functional and economical overflow drain tube
  • All marine grade PVC construction for long life
  • Sure sealing of livewell / baitwell drainMakes draining livewell / baitwell easier than a plug tube
  • Come with screen loose, so they can be cut to best length
  • Straight tubes for draining thru floor, 90 degree tubes for draining thru side wall


These overflow drain tubes feature a tough, flexible vinyl plastic end with a standpipe of white PVC tubing. To use simply insert vinyl end into the opening of thru-hull fitting. To drain livewell or baitwell, simply remove. This unique drain tube seals much better than any other overflow on the market and removal is much easier.

ODT-190-DP - Overflow drain tube, push in, fits 1-1/8" drain - 90 degree - 12" long - Price: C$16.99
ODT-1-DP - Overflow Drain Tube - Straight - For 1 1/8-1 1/4" Thru Hulls, 12" - Price: C$14.99
ODTS-1-DP - Replacement Screen for ODT-1 and ODT-190 - Price: C$5.99

These overflow drain tubes feature a threaded end fitting that screws into a threaded thru hull drain. This means of securing the tube assures that the tube will not come out of the fitting in even the roughest conditions. To drain, simply unscrew the tube until the drain holes in the threaded fitting are exposed. A neoprene gasket provides a water tight seal.

ODT-1-12-GSTW     Overflow drain tube, screw in, fits
 drain - straight - with glued
                                 top screen -
12" long - Price: C$19.99

TH-1290T    Threaded internal 1 1/8" thru hull for ODT
                     - 90 deg. - Black - Price: C$15.99

TH-1890T    Threaded internal 1 1/8" thru hull for ODT
                     - Short 90 deg. - Black - Price: C$11.99



Aerator Spray Heads

Sprays Aerated Water into Livewells
Keeps Catch and Baitfish Alive

  • 90 Degree and Straight Nozzles
  • Models With and Without On-Off Valves
  • Model available for 3/4" hose

AHV-1-DP    Aerator Spray Head - Straight- On-Off Valve
                     - Black - Price: C$16.99

AHV-90-DP    Aerator Spray Head - 90 Degree - On-Off Valve
                       - Black - Price: C$16.99


Aerator Filter Dome

This attractive, dome-shaped aerator filter protects pumps from any debris in the water. The fully curved and perforated surface allows more efficient flow than other molded filters. The filter top simply turns and locks tight onto the base that fits underneath the thru-hull flange. The two-piece design allows for easy cleaning and simple installation with no fasteners. Filter mounts onto aerator pump snout or thru-hull fitting. This filter can also be used as a screen for overflow drains.

  • Protects pumps from debris
  • Prevents drains from clogging
  • Fits on standard thru-hulls or pump intakes
  • Easy twist-off cleaning

AFD-2-DP    Aerator Filter Dome, fits 3/4" thru-hull or
                     aerator pump - Price: C$11.99

PP-118 & PP-125


PVC Push In Plug for Drains

Handy Drain Plugs for Livewells, Cooler Compartments, and Sinks

These push in plugs are used to stop water flow through drains or overflows from baitwell or livewell. Also work well as plugs for sink drains and built in cooler drains.

Plugs are a perfect compliment to T-H Marine overflow drain tubes.

These plugs are injection molded of marine grade PVC for a long lifespan.  Plugs feature a pull tab or pull ring for easy removal.  They have double seal rings to assure positive sealing.     

PP-118    Push Plug for 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" Thru-hulls and
                T-H All Purpose Drains - Price: C$9.99

PP-125    Push Plug for 1-1/4" Thru-hulls - Price: C$11.99

PP-150    Push Plug for 1-1/2" Thru-hulls - Price: C$17.99

EZ Pump™ Advanced Water Pick-Up System

Provides Water to Aerator Pump Pickup While Underway

This unique Patented item from T-H Marine solves the problem of providing water to the aerator pump and livewells while on plane and underway. Simply remove the screen and nut from the pump intake on the outside of the transom and install the slide plate over the tube. Replace the nut and slide the mount even with the bottom of the transom. Install the EZ Pump™ housing over the mount. EZ Pump™ scoops water and maintains a source of supply to the aerator pump. Simple yet effective. Three sizes fits most applications. Pick the size that will allow you to completely cover the pump intake (including the nut) and be able to slide unit to the bottom edge of the boat. Three sizes in either black, white or sand.
  • UV Stable and Rust Resistant
  • 3 Sizes Fits Most Installations
  • Easy Installation - No Drilling or Running Hoses
  • Screen and Pick-up All in One
  • Gives the Tournament Angler an Edge Over the Competition
  • Upgrade Your Present System Inexpensively
  • Keep Fish and Bait Alive Longer
  • Active Bait Gets You More Strikes
  • Prevents Livewell System Air Lock
  • Hassle Free Livewell Operation
  • Extends Battery Life
  • Fish in Stealth Mode
  • Patented

EZ-BLK-1-DP    EZ Pump™ Water Pick-Up System - Black -
                           4-3/4" Long - Price: C$29.99

EZ-BLK-2-DP    EZ Pump™ Water Pick-Up System - Black -
                           3-3/8" Long - Price: C$29.99

EZ-WHT-1-DP    EZ Pump™ Water Pick-Up System - White -
                           4-3/4" Long - Price: C$29.99

EZ-WHT-2-DP   EZ Pump™ Water Pick-Up System - White -
                          3-3/8" Long - Price: C$29.99

EZ-WHT-3-DP    EZ Pump™ Water Pick-Up System - White -
                            2-1/4" Long - Price: C$29.99

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