Transom Transducer Holder

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The Transducer Transom Holder was invented around 1998 when Gene Waller, an avid fisherman for 50 years, did not want to spend another dime on having to replace his transducer – again.

The Transducer Transom Holder mounts to you boat’s transom where your transducer is normally located. Only three screw holes mount the holder to the transom, one below and two above the water line. That’s it. You then attach the transducer to the slide, run the cable alongside the holder (no more extra screw holes in your boat) and you’re done.

The Transducer Transom Holder, made out of a durable, marine grade, plastic and non-corrosive parts, comes in two sizes – 18” long X 5” wide for single engine boats or 28” long X 5” wide for twin engine boats.

To use, just raise the slide up, tighten into place with the screw nut, and the transducer is out of the water. To lower, loosen the screw nut, lower the slide all the way, tighten the screw, and it’s ready for use. Keeping your boat in the water? Raise the transducer up and no more barnacles, scum, or grassy weed build-up.

Are muskrats eating your cables? No Longer!

Knocked your transducer off by trailering or beaching it? No More!

Keeping it in storage? No more fork lifts snapping off the transducer!

Just raise the transducer up, all those problems will be solved!

Attachments such as underwater lights or cameras can be raised and cleaned free of debris and build-up.

This product is durable, long lasting, and easy to install. It will protect your investment, and save you time and money.


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