NEW Lowrance HDS PRO 10 – No Transducer

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HDS PRO 10 – No Transducer

See more and catch more with the new HDS PRO fishfinder/chartplotter. Watch fish react to your lure live with new, high-resolution ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar, and find fish and holding structure with new, ultra high-definition Active Imaging HD. Quickly find fishing areas with the latest and most detailed C-MAP charts and get full fishing system networking with expanded boat control from bow to stern.

Key Features:

  • SolarMAX™ HD Touchscreen viewable at extreme angles and through polarized lenses
  • High-definition Active Imaging™ HD ready (Lowrance CHIRP/SideScan/DownScan Imaging™)
  • High-resolution ActiveTarget® 2 Live Sonar ready
  • FishReveal™ with SideScan view*, as well as Downscan (*Requires S3100 and compatible transducer)
  • Preloaded C-MAP® DISCOVER OnBoard charts with 1-foot contours on 19,000+ US Lakes, 9,400+ Canadian Lakes
  • Real-time mapping is available with C-MAP® Genesis Live.
  • Support for ActiveTarget® Scout and Ghost® Trolling Motor 360 chart overlay views
  • Large programmable keys
  • Touchscreen control of Power-Pole® anchors, Ghost® Trolling Motor, Autopilot, and Lowrance Outboard Pilot
  • NMEA 2000®, Wireless and Bluetooth®, connectivity – plus smartphone notifications
  • Wide range of optional chart upgrades including C-MAP® REVEAL, Navionics®, Florida Marine Tracks and more


Experience the next level of fishfinding with new HDS PRO displays, featuring the ultimate clarity of enhanced Lowrance sonar, the latest C-MAP charts and easy bow-to-stern control.


See more and catch more with the new HDS PRO, giving you the clearest and most-detailed views with new, higher-resolution ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar and new, ultra high-definition Active Imaging HD.


Our clearest sonar ever, Active Imaging™ HD delivers high-definition views of Lowrance CHIRP sonar, SideScan and DownScan Imaging™.


FishReveal has also been expanded to be available on SideScan* and DownScan, making fish easier to identify to the sides and beneath the boat.

*SideScan with FishReveal requires S3100 module and compatible transducer


ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar provides higher-resolution views of fish movement and structure.


HDS PRO also supports plug-and-play installation of two ActiveTarget systems, making it possible to watch multiple views simultaneously, and to widen Front and Scout modes for better bait tracking.


Spend more time catching fish and less time finding them with pre-loaded C‑MAP charts.


Get full-featured vector charts, custom depth shading, high-res coastal coverage and 1-foot contours on more than 19,000 lakes across the U.S. and more than 9,400 in Canada.


For anglers that want to select their own chart, HDS PRO supports a wide range of third-party chart options, including C-MAP, Navionics, Florida Marine Tracks and more.


HDS PRO also introduces a new chart overlay option, allowing you to view ActiveTarget Scout Mode or Ghost 360 trolling motor mode directly on the chart screen.


The better your view, the better your fishing

From the high-definition touchscreen display to the high-level clarity of the newly-enhanced Lowrance sonar, HDS PRO delivers a full range of meaningful underwater views that will take your fishing experience from good to great.


The SolarMAX HD touchscreen provides stunning images of fish, structure and chart details that are easy to see from any angle, in direct sunlight and through polarized lenses – a real difference maker on the water.


HDS PRO gives you full bow-to-stern networking and expanded control of the Ultimate Fishing System.


With HDS PRO at the heart of your fishing system, it’s easy to customize your boat to fit the way you fish with your choice of fish-finding, navigation, network and entertainment options.


Expand your system — taking advantage of radar, autopilot and NMEA 2000 compatibility — and add SiriusXM Weather/Audio to monitor changing weather conditions and to listen to your favorite tunes.


HDS PRO offers support for the complete range of top fish-finding technologies – from ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar and Active Imaging HD to touchscreen control of Ghost Trolling Motor, Power-Pole Anchors and more.



The expanded options and capabilities of HDS PRO give you more ways to customize your boat to better fit your fishing needs.


Beyond the 9, 10, 12 and 16-inch screen sizes, HDS® PRO can also be expanded to deliver additional views and features. With plug-and-play installation, expanding your fishing has never been easier.

FishReveal SideScan

Simply add an S3100 sonar module and compatible Active Imaging HD transducer to enable the new FishReveal SideScan view, making it easier to identify fish to the sides of the boat.

Multiple live sonar views

Anglers can also add a second ActiveTarget system to better target fish by viewing multiple ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar displays at the same time.



  • Backlight Color: Pure White LED
  • Display Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Brightness: >1200 Nits
  • Viewing Angles: 80° top/bottom, 80° left/right


  • Bluetooth: Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 with support for Bluetooth Classic
  • Ethernet Ports: 2 x 100 Mbit, 6 max MFD’s on a network
  • Connectivity Wi Fi:  Internal 802.11b/g/n and Compatible with WiFi-1 Module
  • N2K PG Ns:  Receive only 65240 ISO Commanded Address, 127245 Rudder, 127251 Rate of Turn, 127257 Attitude, 127488 Engine Parameters, Rapid Update, 127489 Engine Parameters, Dynamic, 127493 Transmission Parameters, Dynamic, 127505 Fluid Level, 127508 Battery Status, 129033 Time and Date, 129038 AIS Class A Position Report, 129039 AIS Class B Position Report, 129040 AIS Class B Extended Position Report, 129794 AIS Class A Static and Voyage Related Data, 129801 AIS Address Safety Related Message, 129802 AIS Safety Related Broadcast Message, 129808 DSC Call Information, 130313 Humidity, 130314 Actual Pressure, 130576 Small Craft Status, 65285 Temperature with Instance, 65325 Reprogramming Status, 65480 Parameter Reply, 130817 Product Information, 130820 Reprogramming Status, 130832 Fuel Used – High Resolution, 130834 Engine and Tank Configuration, 130838 Fluid Level Warning, 130842 AIS and VHF Message Transport, 130843 Sonar Status – Frequency and DSP Voltage Transmit and Receive:59392 ISO Acknowledgement, 59904 ISO Request, 60160 ISO Transport Protocol, Data Transfer, 60416 ISO Transport Protocol, Connection Management, 60928 ISO Address Claim, 126208 NMEA Group Function, 126464 Receive/Transmit PGN’s group function, 126992 System Time, 126996 Product Information, 127237 Heading/Track Control, 127250 Vessel Heading, 127258 Magnetic Variation, 128259 Speed, 128267 Water Depth, 128275 Distance Log, 129025 Position, Rapid Update, 120296 COG and SOG, Rapid Update, 129029 GNSS Position Data, 129283 Cross Track Error, 129284 Navigation Data, 129539 GNSS DOPs, 129540 GNSS Sats In View, 130074 Route and WP Service – WP List – WP Name and Position, 130310 Environmental Parameters, 130311 Environmental Parameters, 130312 Temperature, 130577 Direction Data, 61184 Parameter Command, 65292 Clear Fluid Level Warnings, 65293 LGC-2000 Configuration, 65323 Data User Group Request, 130831 EP-20 Suzuki Engine and EP-50 Storage Device Configuration, 130835 Set Engine and Tank Configuration, 130839 EP-45 Pressure Configuration, 130840 Data User Group Configuration, 130845 Parameter Handle, 130850 Event Command, 130851 Event Reply Transmit only65287 Temperature Sensor Configuration, 65289 Trim Tab Configuration, 65290 Paddle Wheel Speed Configuration, 130818 Reprogramming Data, 130819 Request Reprogram, 130828 Set Serial Number, 130836 Fluid Level Configuration, 130837 Fuel Flow Turbine Configuration
  • NMEA 0183 Sentences supported:  TX / RX – GPS Receive GGA GLL GSA GSV VTG ZDA Transmit GGA GLL GSA GSV VTG ZDA GLCTX / RX – Navigation Receive RMC Transmit AAM APB BOD BWC BWR RMC RMB XTE XDRTX / RX – Sonar Receive DBT DPT MTW VLW VHM Transmit DBT DPT MTW VLW VHMTX / RX – Compass Receive HDG HDT HDM Transmit HDGTX / RX – Wind Receive MWV MWD Transmit MWV MWDTX / RX – AIS / DSC*Receive DSC DSE VDM*AIS sentences are not bridged to or from NMEA 2000.
  • NMEA 2000 Connectivity: 1x Micro-C
  • PC Connectivity: None
  • SD Card Storage: 2 micro SD cards up to 32GB
  • Video: Output: No, Input: Composite video RCA – single channel via optional adaptor


  • C-MAP Reveal
  • C-MAP Discover
  • C-MAP Reveal
  • XC-MAP Discover
  • XC-MAP (MAX N, MAX N+)
  • C-MAP Genesis
  • C-MAP Precision Contour HD (AMER ONLY)
  • Navionics (Gold, NAV+ Platinum+)
  • Insight (Pro and HD)
  • Lowrance Regional Mapping Partners


  • Manouevres Turn Patterns: Course, Heading, Waypoint, Power Steer, U-Turn, C-Turn, Spiral, Zigzag, Square, Lazy-S.
  • Steering Modes: Course, Heading, Waypoint, Power Steer.

Approvals: Approvals Compliance; FCC, Industry Canada, Radio Equipment Directive, ACMA, RSM


  • Power Consumption max: 2.9A @ 13VDC with Full Backlight, Sonar on
  • Power Consumption min: 2.0A @ 13VDC with Full Backlight, Sonar on
  • Power Consumption typical: 2.0A @ 13VDC with Full Backlight, Sonar on
  • Recommended Fuse Rating: 3A
  • Supply Voltage: 12 v DC (10.8-17VDC)


  • Humidity: IEC 60945 Damp Heat 150°F (66°C) at 95% Relative Humidity (48 hrs)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 5°F to 131°F (-15°C to 55°C )
  • Shock Vibration: 100,000 cycles of 20 G
  • Storage Temperature Range: 4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C )
  • Waterproof rating: IPX7 with card door closed


  • Correction: DGPS, WAAS
  • GPS Receiver Channels: 16
  • Position Accuracy: 20m RMS
  • Time to First Fix: 30s
  • Update rate: 10 Hz


  • AIS: AIS Chart and Radar overlay. Target vessel details.
  • Autopilot: Outboard Pilot, NAC-1, NAC-2, Ghost Trolling Motor, MotorGuide Xi5/Xi3 Trolling Motor **requires Motorguide PinPoint Gateway
  • Cartography included: C-MAP Discover On Board (AMER models), C-MAP World Background (ROW models), Navionics basemap (AMER and ROW models)
  • Digital Switching: Czone, Naviop
  • Internal Storage: 8.0 GB Internal
  • Multimedia: Sonic Hub, SonicHub2, Fusion Link products, any NMEA 2000 compliant Marine Audio products
  • Sonar Compatibility: Integrated: CHIRP Broadband, Active Imaging DownScan, Active Imaging SideScan, Active Imaging HD DownScan, Active Imaging HD SideScan, Compatible with: ActiveTarget, ActiveTarget 2, S3100 Sonar Hub, Structure Scan, Structure Scan HD, Structure Scan 3D, Live Sight (requires PSI-1 module)
  • Waypoints, Routes, Tracks: 3000 Waypoints,100 Routes,100 Trails with up to 10,000 points per trail
  • Weather: Sirius XM via WM-3 (USA only), Sirius XM via WM-4 (USA only)


  • Compass Safe: 12″ (300mm)
  • Dimensions W x H x D: 11.6″ (294.61 mm) x 7.6″ (193.15 mm) x 3.3″ (82.57 mm)
  • Mounting Type: Gimbal Bracket, Front Dash Flush Mount, Rear Dash Flush Mount
  • Weight: 3.66lb (1.66kg)


  • Interface: Touchscreen: Full Multi-touch touchscreen, Keypad: 8-way directional keypad, Zoom +/-, Exit, Enter, Menu, Waypoint, Power/Light4 – User Programmable Quick Access Keys
  • Languages: Standard Language Pack: Afrikaans/Afrikaans, Danish/Dansk, German/Deutsch, English (US), English (UK), Spanish/Español, Finnish/Suomi, French/Français, Greek/Ελληνικά, Icelandic/íslenska, Italian/Italiano, Dutch/Nederlands, Norwegian/Norsk, Portugese (Brazil)/Português (BR), Portugese (Portugal)/Português (PT), Swedish/SvenskaAsian Language Pack: English (US), English (UK), Japanese/日本語, Korean/한국어, Thai/ภาษาไทย, Chinese – (simplified) China/简体中文, Chinese – (traditional) Taiwan/繁體中文Eastern European Language Pack:Bulgarian/Български, German/Deutsch, Estonian/Eesti, English (US), English (UK), Spanish/Español, French/Français, Hebrew/ عبری , Croatian/ Hrvatski, Hungarian/ Magyar, Italian/Italiano, Lithuanian/Lietuvos, Latvian/ Latvijas, Polish/Polski, Slovak/ Slovensky, Turkish/TürkçeRussia/Ukraine Language pack: German/Deutsch, English (US), English (UK), Spanish/Español, Italian/Italiano, Russian/Русский, Ukraine/ УкраїнськаMiddle Eastern Language Pack: Arabic (UAE)/ العربية , German/Deutsch, English (US), English (UK), Farsi/ فارسی , French/Français, Italian/Italiano
  • Warranty Period: 2 Year + 3 additional years of upgrade options Totaling 5 years

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 11 in