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Lock-n-Haul - Outboard Motor Support for Trailering

New Improved - Lock-n-Haul® Version 2 - $109.99

  • The Lock-n-Haul® transom saver is the world's first and only 4-point inline load universal fit & outboard boat motor support made specifically for trailering. It easily adjusts to fit ALL outboard motor brands including most models and sizes power tilt systems, on ANY BOAT. Width of setback or jack plate don't matter at all.
  • The Lock-n-Haul® transom saver doesn't need flimsy ‘steering clips’ that keep your motor straight (but not rigid)…. it has no moving parts to wear out…. no loose, weak, (offset load) spring-loaded pins, that move and bend and allow the motor to shake….and it has no (short life) rubber cups, that have to be fully compressed to even begin to stop the motor from shaking. Compare it to any other product.
  • The Lock-n-Haul® transom saver is a one piece device that completely stabilizes the outboard motor and stops all harmful motor movement, by locking both the tilt and steering pivots. Convenient to stow in a small boat compartment when not in use.
  • The Lock-n-Haul® transom saver is 100% machined to be a tough compact (13"x9"x1" footprint), lightweight (less than 1 pound), simple and effective device, and carries a two year warranty against manufacturing and material defects.
  • The Lock-n-Haul® includes a quick clip, coated aircraft cable retaining lanyard, has an anodized coating on the aluminum, and the steel sleeve is e-coated for superior anti-corrosion protection that won't rust and is safe for fresh water and saltwater use.

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Lock-n-Haul® - Version 2


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