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Zerust - Corrosion Prevention Solutions

Zerust® ICT® Vapor Capsules for use in tool or tackle box are the most convenient way to store metal objects in a typical storage container while preventing rust and corrosion. The Vapor Capsules have an adhesive backing which easily affixes anywhere on the interior of the storage container.

For up to 2 years, the capsule will release anti-rust and corrosion molecules that will surround metal surfaces to create an invisible rust and corrosion shield within a 2 foot area. When the stored contents are taken out of the enclosure/storage container, the Zerust molecules will vaporize into the air, leaving no sticky or flaky coatings on your metals or storage container.


Zerust® Plastabs® are thin, light, rigid polyethylene squares that are made with patented Zerust corrosion-inhibiting technology.

Their small, thin shape makes Plastabs® perfect for protecting critical surfaces within narrow or hard-to-reach areas from rust. They’re perfect for restricted spaces that contain compact electrical components, enclosure cabinets, and control boxes. For storage and shipping of metal parts, use Plastabs® by dispersing them throughout your packaging materials. Protects for up to 2 years.

Zerust Plastabs



1” x 3” protects a radius of 7 inches (18 cm)
for up to 2 years

Quantity: 10 per package

Item number: PT-13
Price:  C$7.99
Availability: In Stock


Zerust Vapor Capsules

Vapor Capsule

VC2-1 protects a radius of 2 feet within an enclosed area for up to 1 year 

Item number: VC2-1
Price: C$9.99
Availability: In Stock

Vapor Capsule

VC4-1 protects a radius of 4 feet within an enclosed area for up to 1 year 

Item number: VC4-1
Price: C$29.99
Availability: 5-7 business days

Vapor Capsule

VC6-1 protects a radius of 6 feet within an enclosed area for up to 1 year 

Item number: VC6-1
Price: C$74.99
Availability: 5-7 business days


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