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Water Wolf HD Underwater Camera


Water Wolf HD Underwater Camera

For eons anglers have speculated why and how fish approach and either strike, or refuse, their lures.  And while waterproof sports cameras have taken tremendous strides, none to date effectively play witness to fish taking lures and baits. That is until the all-new Water Wolf HD Underwater Camera. It rigs in-line within the your gear, capturing all the action of fish striking your lure.

Waterproof to 330-feet in depth without the need of an external case, the Water Wolf HD records high-resolution color 1280 x 720p video at thirty frames per second. Four hours of battery life will fill a 16gb Micro SD card (not included) under continuous use. (unit accepts 2gb-32gb Micro SD)

Using the Water Wolf HD is easy. Tie it directly to your mainline or leader, about 3-feet in front of the lure or bait, turn it on, and go fishing. Perfect for cast-and-retrieve fishing, trolling, or bottom fishing, it also features an anti-wobbiing system for the clearest image quality possible. A system of three brass keel weights (6-, 9- and 12-grams) allow for fine tuning of recording angle for cast-to-catch or trolling videos of lures with different diving characteristics. The included float system also orients the camera vertically, delivering a bird’s eye view of what’s beneath. This allows you to anchor it over productive areas and watch how the fish behave when you leave as well.

Video quality is subject to water conditions and available light.  The cleaner the water, the further the Water Wolf HD can be mounted from the lure or bait.  As depth increases, light and color are filtered from the water.

Don't forget to check out the Water Wolf HD Accessories Kit.

How to record your first video with the Water Wolf Underwater Camera - Tutorial Video #1.

How to cut and share your first video with the Water Wolf Underwater Camera - Tutorial Video #2

Length: 4-3/4"
Diameter: 1" (approximately)


-Water Wolf HD Camera
-In-line Mounting System
-Three Weights (6-, 9- & 12-grams)
-Protective Case
-USB Cord

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Water Wolf HD Accessories Kit

The Water Wolf HD Accessories Kit is a collection of mounts designed to help you use your Water Wolf HD Underwater Camera in a wide range of above water recording situations. Attach your Water Wolf to your boat hull or railing to capture on deck fish catching action. The tripod mount allows you to use it as a standard video camera and the suction cup mount mounts to any smooth, flat surface. The Water Wolf HD Accessories Kit delivers a whole new level of recording versatility.


-Suction Cup
-Ball joint
-Tripod connector
-Railing mount
-Adhesive ball joint mount

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