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Gear Grabbar -  Lure Holders & Tackle Organaziers

Magnetic Tackle Management

The patented magnetic lure holder that started a revolution in tackle management, the original Gear Grabbar can hold up to nine lures, plus numerous tools and small parts.  The super strong Neodymium magnets hold your lures and tools firmly, but also slide off easily when pressure is applied.

The smaller version of the patented magnetic lure holder that started a revolution in tackle management, the Gear Grabbar Mini offers the same innovative tackle management as the original Gear Grabbar - on a smaller scale.

The patent pending Gear Grabbar Lure Hangar is a magnetic tackle management system that will change the way you fish!  It features two units with five super magnets on each unit. The two units work as a pair to hold lures at any angle, and keep them safe, secure, and conveniently located. Mount the Gear Grabbar Lure Hanger to the inside of a storage compartment, to a sidewall, or under a hatch, and keep your lure collection handy at all times.

The patent pending Gear Grabbar Lure Hangar Kit is a complete tackle management system in one convenient package. It includes four pairs of Lure Hangars plus a 12 x 6.5-inch galvanized metal mounting plate - big enough to store 20 lures. Mount the Gear Grabbar Lure Hangar Kit to the inside of a storage compartment lid or compartment sidewall to keep your lure collection safe and organized like never before.

Starting at C$13.99 - [Click for Details]

Original Gear Grabbar
Gear Grabbar Mini
Gear Grabbar Lure Hangar
Gear Grabbar Lure Hangar Kit

Cooks Go-To Tackle System

Organize Your Tackle with the Cook's Go-To Tackle System

Cook's Go-To Tackle Storage System is a revolutionary new system that converts the dead space under the deck compartment lids of your boat into highly usable, exceptionally convenient storage space. Perfect for hanging spinnerbaits and jigs, it also includes clips to store packed soft plastic baits. When your deck lid is open, baits stored in the organizers may be easily taken out, however, when the lids are closed, all baits are securely locked into place, keeping them tangle-free - even in rough water.

Rack Dimensions: 12" x 1" x 1"

-Includes: 2 racks, 12 rings, screws & hardware, and installation 

TT-CGTTS1-DP  Cook's Go-To Tackle Storage System - White

TT-CGTTS2-DP  Cook's Go-To Tackle Storage System - Black
Price: C$29.99 ea.


Fuel Container Hold-Down Kit

Easily Secure Portable Gas Tanks

This hold-down kit is manufactured from poly strapping to provide superior strength and good looks. The quick release buckle makes it simple to remove and replace container. The hold-down strap unit comes complete with two 62" poly straps equipped with quick release buckles and four footman loops and mounting hardware.
  • Securely Holds Portable Fuel Tanks Up to 62” in Circumference
  • Quick Release Buckles for Quick & Easy Removal
  • Kits Includes: Two 62” Poly Straps, Four Footman Loops w/ Hardware

FCH-1-DP    Fuel Container Hold Down Kit - Price: C$24.99

Paddle Keeper

Keeps Paddle Securely Stowed and Handy

TThis is a totally unique concept for paddle storage that holds the paddle either vertical, horizontal or overhead. The Paddle Keeper can be mounted on the underneath side of lids for out of the way storage.
Corrosion proof, chemical resistant plastic.

PK-1-DP    Paddle Keeper

Price: C$14.99

Cooler Mounting Kit

The Cooler Mounting Kit includes four corner brackets and two hold down straps. This kit will prevent cooler from moving around on the deck. The molded, UV resistant corner brackets have interior screw mounting holes to allow a flush mount against surfaces and to take up less deck space. The nylon bungee straps feature molded hooks and a stainless center hook for totally corrosion-proof mounting. Fits virtually all sizes and makes of coolers including Igloo. Straps provide secure mounting and are easy to disconnect.

CMK-1-DP     Price: C$44.99

Cooler mounting kit, 4 corner brackets and 2 hold-down straps

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