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TH Marine - G-Force Troll Jacket


G-Force Troll Jacket™
Trolling Motor Cable Organizer Sleeve

G-Force Troll Jacket™


A must-have for keeping your front deck neat and organized, the T-H Marine G-Force Troll Jacket provides a rugged and innovative solution for tangled trolling motor wires. Made from super durable 2mm neoprene and fitted with extra strong Velcro, the T-H Marine G-Force Troll Jacket wraps around trolling motor cables, and can be used to hide adjacent cables from Hydrowaves and fish finders. Completely eliminating the need for zip ties, the T-H Marine G-Force Troll Jacket makes quick work of clutter inducing cables at the front of the boat.

Length: 60”

Videos of Bass Fishing pro Mike Iaconelli
Ike In The Shop - G-Force Troll Jacket

Item# GFTJ-1-DP

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