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Cup Holder

Drink Holder / Cup Holder

From T-H Marine comes the ultimate in drink cup holders. Manufactured from super-tough poly material which resists sunlight, breakage and chemicals, the holder is UV tested and will not fade as others do. Hose fitting on the bottom to accept a 3/8" I.D. hose. Any spills, spray or rain water can be drained to the bilge area.
Large Cup Holder Dimensions are: Main Body Dia. - 3.77"; Top Lid - 4.2"; Depth is 3 1/8".

LCH-1    Large Cup Holder - Black -
Price: C$4.99

LCH-1W    Large Cup Holder - White - Price: C$4.99

Cup Holder-Stainless Steel

Drink Holder / Cup Holder - Stainless Steel
  • Top Quality Stainless Steel
  • Full 3 3/4" Diameter - Fits Most Existing Cup Holes
  • Drain Fits 3/8" Hose

LCH-1SS-DP    Stainless Steel Cup Holder - Price: C$21.99

Seat  Pedastal Drain

This innovative product solves the problem of seat pedestal base holes that drain into dry boxes or areas in boats. This part consists of a molded vinyl funnel that slides snugly over the bottom of pedestal base and a one-fourth inch elbow to connect to one-fourth inch tubing. The drain collects all water that enters the pedestal base and routes it into tubing that can be directed out of boxes and toward drain areas. The 90 degree elbow allows a turn to be made to keep the tubing high in the box and out of the way. This is a truly unique part for this application.
  • Drains and directs water collected in seat pedestal
  • Marine grade vinyl cap and poly elbow fitting
  • Fits 1/4" tubing for drainage

SPD-1        Seat Pedestal Drain - Fits 1 1/4" Pedestals

SPD-2.25   Seat Pedestal Drain -  Fits 2 1/4" Pedestals


SPD-2.75   Seat Pedestal Drain -  Fits 2 3/4" Pedestals

Price: C$9.99



Flush Mount Scupper Valve Assembly

These scupper valves are simply the best and most fool-proof of any flush mount scupper valve available. The flapper is molded of a flexible thermo-plastic that is totally impervious to the effects of sun and chemicals found in the marine environment. These flappers will not curl up, rot, or lose their sealing ability.

These flush mount flapper scuppers are designed to mount over a drain tube or to mount directly to a 1 1/2" thru hull with four screws. They feature the same "curl proof" flapper as the recessed scuppers above. These flappers will retrofit other manufacturers' rubber flapper assemblies.
  • Mounts over 1" to 1-1/4" drain tubes
  • Universal hole pattern to replace any defective flapper scupper
  • Grooved inside to fit over drain flanges
  • Attractive complimentary ring and flapper colors 
SA-1-DP   Flush Mount Scupper Valve Assy -
                 Black Ring/Black Flapper -
Price: C$12.99

SA-2B-DP   Flush Mount Scupper Valve Assy -
                    White Ring/Black Flapper - Price: C$12.99


Pedastal Base Plug

Keeps Water Out of Your Seat Pedestal Base
  • Seals Pedestal Base When Not in Use
  • Fits All 1.77" Bases
  • Slide Pin for Easy Removal
  • Molded - Won't Rust or Corrode

PBP-1-DP    Seat Pedestal Base Plug - Price: C$13.99

Drain Plug

Self Retaining Boat Transom Drain Plug

This screw-type drain plug is constructed of black polypropylene and features an chemically inert "O" ring for positive sealing. Strong  threads maintain sealing under high vibration conditions. Special design prevents cross thread.

This drain plug mounts in a 1" diameter hole with 2 (two) number 8 countersunk stainless steel screws. The back side of mounting flange has a groove to hold sealant for positive water proof mounting. Mounting flange is approximately 1 1/2" x 2".

This drain plug is ideal for boat transoms, fish wells, bait tanks, water tanks, coolers, ice chests or almost any application where a positive sealing drain plug is required. This drain plug is not only quick and simple to install, but it also provides a definite cost advantage over outdated, leaking flared-type drain tubes. This retained plug will not get lost.

DP-1-DP   Drain Plug - Self Retaining - Black - Price: C$10.99


Decorative Wire Cover

Simple solution for covering wire passage holes.

Gives boat that finished look, covers unsightly wire pass-thru holes.
Covers holes up to 1 1/4" in diameter.
Packaged version comes complete with mounting screws.

DWC-1    Decorative Wire Cover with Hardware

Price: C$3.99



Boat Windshield Fastener

This quick twist lock boat windshield fastener makes installing and removing the windshield simple.

The base mounts with two screws to the boat and the quick twist fastener passes thru the windshield. Great for preventing broken windshields in shipping and installation and for cleaning.
  • Makes Installing and Removing the Windshield Simple
  • Base Mounts to the Boat and the Quick Twist Fastener Passes Thru Windshield
  • Great for Preventing Broken Windshields in Shipping, Installation and for Cleaning
  • Molded of UV stable polymer that will not corrode
  • Two male configurations:  wing nut style, slotted flush head
WSH-1PR-DP    Windsheild Fasteners, wing nut head
                          and base, packaged pair

Price: C$16.99 / Pair

WSH-1F       Windsheild Fasteners, Flush Mount Slotted Head
                     and base, packaged pair

Price: C$16.99 / Pair

Utility Grommet - Fishing Rod Grommet


The flexible grommets have many uses - the main two being holding fishing rod tips & butts and serving as a pass thru for wires & cables.
The Utility Grommet is molded of tough, flexible, vinyl. It is designed for multiple uses in boats, such as cable pass thru, landing net holder, fishing rod support or protector, stern light holder or any number of other uses. For bulk head pass-thru, simply mount and run cables, wires, etc. through to prevent chafing. For land nets, fishing rods, stern light or other items, simply mount and insert items to be protected or held in place. To remove items from utility grommet, simply pull. This utility grommet can be used either horizontal or vertical. To install simply cut a 2 1/4" diameter hole and install with four (4) pan head screws (not furnished).

UG-1    Utility Grommet / Rod Grommet - 3-3/8" OD -
             Black - Price: C$13.99 / Pair

UG-2    Utility Grommet / Rod Grommet - 2-3/4" OD -
             Black - Price: C$14.99 / Pair

UG-3    Utility Grommet / Rod Grommet - 4" OD - Black
             Price: C$21.99


Screw Down Deck Plates

These screw down deck plates are an inexpensive alternative to screw out or pop out plates where quick access is not necessary. These plates are molded of super tough poly to be extra strong. They have an attractive matte finish and mount easily with countersunk screws.

SDP-1    Screw Down Deck Plate - 5 5/8" - Black
               - Price: C$9.99

SDP-2    Screw Down Deck Plate - 8" - Black
               - Price: C$16.99




Low Profile Twist Out Deck Plates

Smooth Tapered Look

Quick 1/4 Turn Twist-Out Lids
Smooth Lid is Tapered to the Edges
Hidden Fasteners
"O" Ring Seal Provides Watertight Fit
Light textured lid

DPSLP-4-1    Low Profile Deck Plate - 4" - Textured Lid
                      - Black - Price: C$14.99

DPSLP-4-2    Low Profile Deck Plate - 4" - Textured Lid
                       - Polar White - Price C$14.99

DPSLP-6-1    Low Profile Deck Plate - 6" - Textured Lid
                       - Black - Price: C$19.99

DPSLP-6-2    Low Profile Deck Plate - 6" - Textured Lid
                       - Polar White - Price: C$19.99



Sure-Seal™ Screw Out Deck Plates

Provides Easy Access to Fittings, Seacocks, Valves and Other Systems
  • Watertight - Lid Overlaps Frame
  • Positive "O" Ring Seal
  • No Visible Mounting Fasteners
  • Total UV & chemical stability
  • Requires no tools for opening

DPS-8-1    SURE-SEAL™ Deck Plate - Screw Out
                   - 8" Dia - Black - Price: C$34.99

DPS-8-2    SURE-SEAL™ Deck Plate - Screw Out
                   - 8" Dia - Polar White - Price: C$34.99

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