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Two Way Boat Alarm System

Protects your Boat and Valuable Equipment from Theft

  • Shock Sensor Detects Intruders
  • Alerts you up to 3000 Yards when Activated
  • Two Way Remote Alerts with Sound, Light & Vibration
  • Up to 3000 Yards Response and 1000 Yards Transmit
  • 128 db Alarm Horn
  • Waterproof Main Engine
  • Shock Sensor with Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Easy Installation

TWA-1-DP    Two Way Alarm Kit

Price: C$149.99

TWAR-1-DP    Additional Remote Control Unit

Price: C$41.99


Z-Launch™ Watercraft Lauch Cord

Makes launching your boat by yourself 
as easy as 1-2-3!

Endorsed and used by professional angler Timmy Horton. Used by the majority of BASS and FLW fishing professionals.

The patented Z-LAUNCH™ Watercraft Launch Cord makes solo watercraft launching easier than you've ever experienced. The no-hassle launch cord, made of premium elastics, uses automatically adjusting tension when you back your boat, jet ski, or tow tube into the water, so it won't jerk your watercraft around when you pull the trailer forward. Expandable to more than 20', the Z-LAUNCH™ Watercraft Launch Cord attaches in just 3 steps. Fasten a hook to your trailer, connect a steel ring to the winch, and lock the winch. You're ready for the smoothest watercraft launching on the water.

  • Simple and safe operation
  • No-hassle design
  • Attaches easily
  • Expands to more than 20'
  • Unlike rope, will not jerk your watercraft or you
  • Stay safe and dry launching your boat alone
  • Great for ramps with "no power" laws

ZL-10-DP    Z-LAUNCH™ - 10’ Length, Boats to 16’

Price: C$59.99

ZL-15-DP    Z-LAUNCH™ - 15’ Length, Boats from 17 to 22’

Price: C$62.99

HydroWave™ H2 Electronic Feeding Stimulator Packages and Accessories

Ignite a Feeding Frenzy - Are You Ready?

The Hydrowave H2 is the next generation in the “Evolution of Sound”. New features and upgrades aimed at helping fisherman experience a better and easier day on the water. Built on fishing science, the H2 sends out reverberations to a predatory fish’s lateral line, sounds that help to trigger a fish’s feeding instinct.

Starting at C$519.99 [Click for Details]

Shock-Lock™ Mini Kong Electronic Mounts


Kong™ Electronics Mounts are designed to securely hold your heavy marine electronics in place under any condition. Our exclusive "DOWEL PIN LOCK" joint locking system ensures that your valuable electronics stay in place where you want them. No more worries about your electronics slipping, moving, shifting or smashing on your boat while running in any conditions. The Kong™ Mini was tested in the most severe conditions by top touring pros.

When your day is done simply pull the spring loaded tab at the base to release the Kong Mini and your electronic unit from the base freeing it to be locked away and protected. The Kong Mini is made from anodized aircraft aluminum and stainless steel for strength and durability.

Unique "DOWEL PIN LOCK" No Slip Joints
Quick Release Spring Loaded Base
Multi-Position Pivot Points in Base
Easy to Adjust Wing Nut Locks on Joints
Three Models to Fit Any Electronic Unit
Annodized Aluminum with Stainless Fasteners

C$259.99 [Click for Details]

KONG Electronics Mount


The KVD KONG electronics mount is an extreme electronics mount. The KONG is the only electronics mount truly designed and built to give a rock solid, no movement mount for the largest and heaviest marine electronics. T-H Marine worked with Kevin VanDam, #1 Angler in the World, to perfect this bullet-proof mount that will be the last and strongest mount you ever need.

  • Monstrously strong
  • Tames the largest beasts of marine electronics
  • Zero movement in the roughest water conditions
  • Marine grade mount for freshwater or saltwater
  • All 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Unique half turn quick release base for easy removal
  • Built for the largest and heaviest marine electronics
  • Developed with and endorsed by Kevin VanDam

C$509.99 [Click for Details]

KONG Wave Tamer

Built to withstand the roughest conditions, the T-H Marine Kong Wave Tamer provides a stable, elevated platform for your on-board electronics. The original “bridge-style” bow mount, the T-H Marine Kong Wave Tamer is developed by anglers for anglers and covered with a rugged anodized finish for long-lasting performance.

Manufactured with pre-drilled holes, the T-H Marine Kong Wave Tamer is compatible with a number of different electronic brands and models. Endorsed by Pro Anglers Josh Douglas and Andy Young, the T-H Marine Kong Wave Tamer delivers tough-as-nails performance that stands-up to the most demanding conditions.

Dimensions: 18-3/4" x 2-3/4" x 2-3/4"

C$124.99 [Click for Details]




Loc-R-Bar™ Storage Locking System

Boat Storage Locking System with Alarm Padlock

Total Protection for less than the cost of a quality rod and reel

Welcome to the new home of Loc-R-Bar Alarm System, a full package of protection for your valuable fishing gear. Loc-R-Bar Alarm System is the best way to protect all of your equipment; Adjustable stainless steel security bars, solid aluminum mounting brackets and the innovative Loc – Alarm completes the system. When properly installed, Loc-R-Bar Alarm System secures all deck lockers by extending across the entire deck surface, gunwale to gunwale. Even if thieves break out your hatch locks, they will not be able to open the lockers to get to your equipment.

Loc-R-Bar Alarm System is a fully self-contained alarm system for your boat. No wiring, sensors or complicated installation required. A full package of protection for less than the cost of a quality rod and reel.

Full Storage Locking System includes an alarm padlock and mounting brackets. Great for securing compartments and rod lockers on Bass Boats, Bay Boats, Walleye Boats and selected aluminum boats.

An optional compartment adapter is available for securing additional storage units with the same bar.

LB-LRBS113S    Loc-R-Bar Complete Alarm System

Price: C$389.99

LB-LCK110DBA    Loc-R-Bar Alarm Lock Only
Price: C$54.99

LB-ADAPTER/1A    Loc-R-Bar Storage Compartment Adapter

Price: C$139.99

LB-SET-BKS-03A-03B   Loc-R-Bar Set of Mounting Brackets

Price: C$69.99

Detailed Product Page


The Money Pole™ - Lure Retriever

Never Lose Expensive Lures and Crankbaits Again!
Designed by Professional Angler and television personality Timmy Horton, this revolutionary new product, The Money Pole™, is a rugged aluminum extendable pole that extends in three sections to 18 feet, reaching most deep running crankbaits. It is a superb retriever for the new multi-bait rigs such as the umbrella rig, and with the high cost of some lures, the Tim Horton Money Pole can pay for itself in just one day of fishing. When collapsed it is just 6 feet in length making it easy to store in rod lockers or to keep handy anywhere in the boat or on the deck for quick, easy use when needed. The superior and durable aluminum construction by T-H Marine makes the Tim Horton Money Pole the perfect lure retriever that will ensure many years of lasting performance. And best of all, you can throw your favorite baits with confidence, the Tim Horton Money pole will save you a lot of money in lost lures.

Item # MP-1S

C$139.99 [Click for Details]

G-Force™ Hydra Battery Terminal Multiplier

Eliminating crowded battery posts

Hydra Multi-Connection Marine Battery Terminal
  • 3-Terminal and 5-Terminal configurations available
  • Easily Manage Individual Connections at the Battery
  • Lead-Free, Marine-Grade Zinc Construction
  • Zinc Terminal Provides Improved Conductivity
  • Superior Resistance to Corrosion
  • Stainless Steel Connections
  • Color-Coded Insulated Wing Nuts
  • Improved conductivity over lead without negative health effects

G-Force™ Hydra Battery Terminal Multiplier

HYBT-3   3 Way Multiplier  Price: C$37.99

HYBT-5   5 Way Multiplier  Price: C$41.99



Conservation Cull System


Conservation Cull System Gen 2

The G-Force™ Conservation Cull System

Fast Balance Beam Culling
Endorsed and proven by Gerald "G-Man" Swindle

Non-penetrating Clip Balance beam included 6 numbered buoys Allows quicker culling- More fishing time! Uses a stronger plastic clip to hold tight around the lip Buoy holder for quick and easy storage of each Cull Ball

The G-Force Conservation Cull System allows for quicker culling and more time fishing with six colored cull buoys, which make it easy to identify the smallest fish in your livewell, and a buoy holder that allows for quick and easy storage and keeps your cull tags within arms reach. Help improve fish care and preserve our resources with the T-H Marine G-Force Conservation Cull System.

  • Non-penetrating clips
  • Six numbered cull tags
  • Balance beam included
  • Allows quicker culling - more fishing time!
  • Uses a strong plastic clip to hold tight around the lip
  • Buoy hold for quick and easy store of each cull float

  • Balance beam
  • 6 Color Coded Conservation Tags
  • Tag Holder

[Click for Details]

G-Force™ Conservation Cull System 

GFC-CCS-DP       Price: C$61.99 Clearance C$49.99

G-Force™ Conservation Cull System Gen 2 

GFC-CCSG2-DP       Price: C$83.99 Special C$69.99

  • Simplified Cull Clip
  • Stainless Steel Spring Loaded One Hand Operation
  • Removable Floats
  • Color Coded Line
  • Non-penetrating Clip
  • Balance beam included
  • 6 color-coded buoys
  • Allows quicker culling- More fishing time!
  • Uses a stronger plastic clip to hold tight around the lip
  • Buoy holder for quick and easy storage of each Cull Ball

[Click for Details]


Conservation Cull Weight - 3pk

The G-Force™ Culling Weights 3pk

The G-Force™ Conservation Cull System
Fast Balance Beam Culling
Endorsed and proven by Gerald "G-Man" Swindle

Offering a quick-and-easy way to help stabilize the fish in your livewell, the T-H Marine G Force Culling System Weights are built for use with the T-H Marine G Force Conservation Cull System. Designed with an easy to operate quick release clip, the T-H Marine G Force Culling System Weights attach to a small molded hole on the T-H Marine G-Force Conservation Cull System’s cull tags. This added weight helps tame tagged fish, especially when they are having hard time remaining upright on their own. A quick and easy remedy for struggling fish, the T-H Marine G Force Culling System Weights ensure that your catch makes it to the scales in good health.


-Reduce Stress
-2 oz Weight with Clip
-Increase chance of survival
-Stabilizes the bass without harming them
-More than 1 clip may be needed for larger fish
-Simple to use clip, attaches to the G Force Cull Clip
-Package comes with 3 weights

[Click for Details]

G-Force™Conservation Cull Weight - 3pk

GFC-WK-DP               Price: C$13.99

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