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The Technological Angler, Vol. 3 - Comprehensive ONIX

The Technological Angler, Volume 3:
Comprehensive ONIX
75 minute DVD

In Volume 3 of our Technological Angler instructional DVD series, Comprehensive ONIX provides over 75 minutes of detailed ONIX instruction in two different settings: off-the-water setup and on-the-water use and optimization. We detail all of ONIX's cutting edge functions and how to use each of them with cross-touch and non-touch interfaces. Whether you are a new ONIX owner or an experienced user, Comprehensive ONIX is for you!


The Technological Angler
Volume 3:
Comprehensive ONIX
75 minute DVD by Dr. Jason Halfen

Price: C$29.99 C$9.99

The Technological Angler, Volume 3

Comprehensive Onix

  • Off-the-water setup
  • Keypad functions and features
  • Crosstouch and non-touch user interfaces
  • Home screen
  • Setting, Alarms, Views
  • Managing favorite views
  • Toolbar features and functions
  • On-the-water use and optimization
  • Managing views on the water
  • Side Imaging
  • Down Imaging
  • 2D sonar
  • Chart view
  • Waypoint management
  • AutoChart Live


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