Bridge 15.25 Inch Gap

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Bridge 15.25 Inch Gap

BeatDown Bridges are all made of ½” thick 6061 Aluminum. All of our mounts in both the Ultimate and Flex lineups will mount to this bridge. There are 3 different heights to choose from 1″, 2″, and 4″ tall. Additionally, we have 4 different widths over the foot pedal to accommodate almost every make and model boat out there. The choice in gaps over the foot pedal is 13.25″, 15.25″, 17.25″, and 22″ wide.

The feet are 3.5″ wide with 3 mounting holes per foot for ultra-stability and durability.

The most popular width is 15.25″.

An Offset Bridge is available in all heights of the 13.25″, 15.25″, and 17.25″ widths. Now be able to move your mount over 3″ (for 13.25″ and 15.25″) or 4″ (for the 17.25″) to the right and get your mount out of the way of your trolling motor, while still centering your bridge on your boat!

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1 inch, 2 inch, 4 inch


Centered, Offset