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ProCull Professional Grade Culling Rings

Durable...Reliable...Affordable......Professional Grade

ProCull Professional Grade Culling Rings were designed by serious tournament anglers who demand the highest quality, durable products as part of their arsenal come competition day.

After years of researching similar culling systems and gathering other angler's feedback, we have discovered a common problem among the competition's products, which is the lack of quality construction and components. Many anglers have experienced other rings breaking, rusting, discoloring and fish coming off the clip in the livewell; and in some cases fish have been lost overboard due to ring breakage or clip failure.

ProCull Professional Grade Culling Rings were designed with these common deficiencies in mind and are constructed from top to bottom with the highest quality components that are guaranteed to hold up under the most demanding tournament situations. Each ring is handmade and quality tested prior to packaging.


ProCull No-Float Original Rings are built to last! Featuring a 1 piece "cable-through" design, ProCull Original Rings are guaranteed
to hold up under the most demanding
of tournament situations!
Quality components from top to bottom make ProCull Original Rings the last set of culling rings you will ever have to buy!


How to use ProCull Original Rings:

To use ProCull Original Rings simply open
metal clip and insert the sharpened point
through the fish's lower jaw as close to the
lip as possible. Close clip securely and
lower fish into the livewell.

For best fish care, it is recommended that you not suspend the fish by the culling ring alone. When retrieving a fish from your livewell, simply find the colored or numbered float of your cull fish and lift gently. When the fish reaches the surface of the water, grasp the fish by the lower jaw to remove from the livewell.

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