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Power Pole - Charge Marine Power Management Station


Power Pole Charge
Marine Power Management Station
Price: C$1849.99
Item Code: CH-500W

Power-Pole CHARGE Marine Power Management Station

The All-in-One, Charge on the Run, Smart Charger

The CHARGE is the most advanced power management available that does the work of three devices -- a traditional battery charger, a charge-on-the-run, and emergency start system--all in one compact unit. CHARGE monitors power use and puts power where it’s needed most — a feat no other battery-charger system can accomplish.

Since every angler has different power-consumption needs when out on the water, CHARGE automatically devotes more power to the batteries that need it the most for maximum efficiency. Whether it is the trolling motor, live wells or other devices, CHARGE seamlessly manages power so boaters can enjoy more time on the water.

Power WHERE you need it

Whether you are plugged in directly to a 120V power outlet at the dock, at home or while using it to charge from your primary motor while on the run, the CHARGE system replenishes your entire battery bank — including the 12V cranking battery and up to three auxiliary batteries — all at once. This 500-watt power station delivers up to 40 amps of charging power to the cranking battery and up to 25 amps to the trolling batteries and works with multiple battery types including lead acid, AGM, GEL, lithium or TIPL. With the C-Monster app, you’re able to monitor your battery status in real-time and prioritize either the trolling or cranking batteries when recharging.

Power HOW you need it

Not every angler has the same power consumption needs when they are out on the water, which is why the CHARGE was designed as the first bi-directional power management system with the ability to move power back-and-forth between batteries. CHARGE automatically devotes power to the batteries that need it the most for maximum efficiency. Whether it’s the trolling motor, live wells, or other devices, CHARGE seamlessly manages your power so you can enjoy more time on the water. When used with the C-Monster app, CHARGE will let you prioritize your energy replenishment with just the slide of your finger.

Power WHEN you need it

With CHARGE you’ll never have to worry about getting stranded on the water. The CHARGE will automatically maintain minimum power levels based on your preference settings. Thanks to the Emergency Power Transfer feature, CHARGE also ensures that you will have enough power to start your engine. With one touch on the C-Monster app, CHARGE will automatically move enough power from the auxiliary batteries to the cranking battery to start your motor, even after a long day on the water.

CHARGE is the next step in Total Boat Control

Power-Pole has taken advanced technology inside your boat to deliver a battery charger and power management system that outperforms anything else in its class. CHARGE does the work of a traditional battery charger, plus an emergency start system all in one compact unit. CHARGE monitors your power use and puts power where you need it - no other battery charger system can do all that.

CM2 Gateway to NMEA 2000 connector

The C-Monster GATEWAY lets you harness the power of the C-Monster 2.0 network to connect, customize and control your boat’s Power-Pole accessories like the CHARGE Marine Power Station using your existing devices such as the Lowrance or Simrad MFDs

The GATEWAY allows for immediate adoption of the wireless CM2 protocol by existing devices currently using NMEA2000 technology. Keeping your boat up-to-date with the latest technology is as simple as adding your new GATEWAY-enabled devices to the network.

The C-Monster network was built from the ground up specifically for the marine industry so it doesn’t have the limitations of previous wireless technology like Wifi and BlueTooth ®, including the ability to connect and control multiple products at once. It also allows multiple systems to integrate seamlessly in order to maximize efficiency.

Price: C$174.99
Item Code: CM2-GTW-N2K

Compact Design

The main CHARGE unit is 10.62x7.95x2.78 inches in size and weighs under nine pounds making it small enough to fit into your boat with ease. Since the CHARGE is an all-in-one unit it also can take the place of current chargers and jump start systems, freeing up even more valuable space on your vessel.

Intuitive Display Options

The CHARGE automatically displays battery status using an easy-to-read LED light system or you can receive more in-depth battery voltage and status data on your smart phone or compatible Gateway-equipped MFD.
Simple to Install

The CHARGE can be installed quickly and easily with just four screws. The easy-to-follow wiring instructions uses your boat’s existing shore power and alternator system meaning there is no complicated splicing or advanced electrical knowledge needed. Just use the diagram to configure your boat’s battery banks.

Built-In Safety Features

From the integrated heatsink cooling system to the temperature sensors built into the wiring sheath, the CHARGE was engineered for safe operation even under the most demanding conditions. The CHARGE is also constructed to IP65 waterproof standards to avoid possible water intrusion into the unit’s inner components.

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