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V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System - New Pro Products


Catch-n-Release fishing sometimes comes with a catch. That’s when your livewell needs to live up to its name. Interval aeration is a good start but when on-board power is already taxed by trolling, sonar and more, the next step demands the V-T2 name. The patented V-T2 is double-trusted to allow continuous oxygen flow and provide an escape route for heat and metabolic gases. The result is a more balanced livewell environment for when the "last cast" is the last thing on your mind.

Item# V-T2

Order includes 2 per pack, complete with
marine fasteners and installation instructions.

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How's the weather in your livewell?

In tournament conditions the heat is on. And not just at the weigh-in. Is your livewell well-equipped? The V-T2 is double trusted to eliminate the triple threat.


The V-T2 allows for the heat that builds up in the livewell to rise and escape. Also, the V-T2 works with the movement of your boat to direct cooler oxygenated air into the livewell to create a water inversion that naturally cools livewell water.


The V-T2 increases dissolved oxygen in your livewell the same way lakes naturally get oxygen, by the processes of atmospheric diffusion (fresh air) and augmented surface diffusion (stirring of water surfaces by wind). <Minus photosynthesis> The V-T2 provides a continuous flow of fresh air into the livewell creating a constant source of oxygen.


Metabolic gases and waste build while holding fish in the livewell. These harmful gases can be detrimental to your catch. High levels of carbon dioxide can suffocate fish even when dissolved oxygen levels are good. The V-T2 strips out these gases so fish can relax in a balanced and more natural livewell environment. NOTE: Just as oxygen is more soluble in cooler water, so is carbon dioxide. Removing CO2 is imperative anytime you cool livewell water.


1. Will the V-T2 allow water to splash out of my livewell?

Answer: No. The three inch sleeve of the V-T2 is designed to block the wave movement in the livewell. Our engineers designed the V-T2 to impede water movement and keep water from splashing out. We, as fishermen, would have not wanted this either, and we tested it in heavy chop and also have several Great Lakes's fishermen that confirm that water will not be splashing out of your livewell.

2. Would buying a regular vent at a local home supplier store work just as well?

Answer: No. Regular household vents sold at these stores are only designed to let air flow out. They are not designed like the V-T2 to not only let heat and metabolic gases rise out, but also to direct fresh oxygenated and cooling air into the livewell. If you direct or increase the volume of air into the livewell you have to have a way to release this build up back out. The V-T2 has an intake and also an outtake which is the reason for the dividing wall located in the sleeve of the V-T2. The V-T2 is made up of super tough nylon and will hold up under fishing conditions, such as freezing weather or extreme heat and the V-T2 is built to withstand being stepped upon and it will flex right back into working position. Household vents are made of light and cheap plastics, and are not designed to meet the needs of fishermen in a fishing environment. We did not design fishermen a consumable product that needs to be replaced year after year. The V-T2 is designed to give fishermen many years of useful service.

3. Does the V-T2 replace my livewell lid lifts?

Answer: No. Please understand that the V-T2 is not designed to replace your livewell lid lifts. The V-T2 needs to be installed as close to the center of your livewell as possible and positioned directly over the livewell water. The reason we did not develop the V-T2 to replace your lid lifts is that most lid lifts are positioned in the lid either to the very front or to the side of the livewell lid. In many boats the lid lifts are over the top of the frame or the lip of the structure of the boat and not positioned over the livewell water. For maximum cooling, aeration and degassing the V-T2 needs to be positioned directly over the livewell water.

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