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000-11141-001 Navico Lowrance SonarHub™ Sounder Module w/ StructureScan HD LSS-2 Transducer

*See details below


Navico Lowrance SonarHub™ Sounder Module

The compact SonarHub™ sounder module provides an all-in-one solution for adding best-in-class StructureScan HD and CHIRP sonar capabilities to compatible Lowrance HDS and Simrad NS series multifunction displays.

An easy-to-install, plug-and-play, all-in-one network solution - the SonarHub™ Sounder Module makes it easier than ever to identify productive fishing areas with connectivity to the latest sonar technologies for Lowrance HDS and Simrad NS displays - including CHIRP and StructureScan HD imaging - as well as the Lowrance SpotlightScan™ bow-mounted solution for HDS Gen2 models.

Compact, all-in-one sonar module delivers StructureScan HD and CHIRP sonar technologies.
CHIRP sonar with Airmar TM150M or B150M transducers delivers extremely efficient pulse generation that provides improved target resolution and noise rejection, as well as wide coverage for perfect arches that clearly identify fish targets.
StructureScan HD offers best-in-class, side-scanning range and resolution, plus DownScan Imaging™ to provide crystal-clear, picture-like views of what's beneath your boat.
Optional transducers include Airmar TM150M and B150M single-channel CHIRP transducers, existing StructureScan HD transducers, and the SpotlightScan™ surround-scanning sonar transducer.*
Plug-and-play compatibility with Lowrance HDS Gen1 (not including SpotlightScan™ and CHIRP sonar), HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch fishfinder/chartplotter models, and Simrad NSO,NSE and NSS series multifunction displays.
Three built-in Ethernet ports allow for quick and convenient networking without the need for an extra Ethernet networking module.
Supported by Lowrance Advantage Service and Simrad Advantage Service programs.


000-12395-001 Navico Lowrance StructureScan® 3D SideScan Imaging for HDS Gen3 / HDS Carbon & HDS LIVE

Powered by multi-beam sonar technology, StructureScan 3D produces images of underwater terrain and targets in stunning, high-resolution, 180°, 3-dimensional views.

StructureScan 3D sidescan imaging reveals underwater terrain and fish-holding structure to create a super-wide, 180°, 3-dimensional view beneath your boat. The exclusive 3-dimensional views can only be displayed on the Lowrance HDS Gen3, HDS Carbon and HDS Live fishfinder/chartplotters. This unique, true-to-life view is attained with a single SKU that includes a SideScan 3D Skimmer® transducer and StructureScan® 3D module.

Easy-to-Understand Sonar Images-Leading Edge™ scanning reference provides clear graphical illustration of sonar beams
ScanTrack™ allows viewing of 3D images from any angle with pan-tilt-rotate control
Increased SideScan Range and Unrivaled Clarity-Scan up to 600 feet to each side of the boat with incredibly detailed, high-definition views 
Easily understand where fish and fish-holding structure are located
Easily identify vertical drops and crucial depth changes
Use 3D Waypoint Overlay makes it easy to revisit fishing areas, structure, and other underwater features
SelectScan™ Target Identification-Automatically shades fishholding cover and suspended targets in a contrasting color, making target identification quicker and easier than ever before

Extra Ethernet Expansion
The StructureScan 3D module supports connectivity For up to 3 networked devices.


Navico Lowrance PSI-1 Performance Sonar Interface

Enable LiveSight Sonar on your HDS Carbon display by adding the PSI-1 Performance Sonar Interface to your system.

With a PSI-1 Interface and a LiveSight Sonar transducer installed on your HDS Carbon system, you can watch fish react to your lure – as it happens – giving you insight on what’s working, what isn’t and what to do next.

What's in the box:
  • Ethernet Cable, 6ft
  • Power Cable, 4-Pin

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