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Johnny Ray Accessories


 JR-400AP Adapter Plate - C$15.99

  • Attaches to our JR-400 Swivel Mount (swivel sold separately)
  • Specially designed for Compact LCD Electronics from Lowrance, Eagle, and Bottom Line
  • All correct size Zinc Plated Hardware is Supplied with each plate
  • Caged nut design on the reverse side for the electronic gimball's mounting
  • Made from DuPont Nylon Material for durability and strength
  • Adds all of the conveniences and features of our JR-400 Swivel Mount to your electronic unit
  • Assembly Instructions on reverse side of packaging to allow for easy installation

Shown above left: JR-400AP Adapter plate with all hardware.
Shown below left: JR-400AP and JR-400 Swivel Mount (left) with Lowrance/Eagle gimbal mounted (right) Bottom Line gimbal mounted.

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JR-300MP Mounting Plate - C$7.99

  • Raises Swivel Mount overall height by 3/8 Inch.
  • Doubles as a Wiring Hole Cover to hide wire routing underneath the Swivel Mount Base
  • Provides a Solid, Secure Mounting Area on carpeted surfaces to allow easier Push Button operation
  • Can be used under any Push Button Release style Swivel Mount
  • Can be stacked in Multiples to allow for additional Clearances or bigger wiring.
  • See More JR-300MP Mounting Specifications

JR-300B Mounting Base Only - C$34.99

  • Same base used under JR-300, JR-400 and JR-500 swivel mounts.
  • Allows for multiple locations in your boat or for storage or unit 
  • Same quality components used throughout 
  • Push button release design 
  • Accepts all JR-300, JR-400 and JR-500 tops

  • See More JR-300B Mounting Specifications


JR-205B Mounting Base Only - C$54.99

  • Same base used under JR-205, JR-206 and JR-208 swivel mounts.
  • Allows for multiple locations in your boat or for storage or unit
  • Same quality components used throughout
  • Push button release design
  • Accepts all JR-205, JR-206 and JR-208 tops

  • See More JR-205B Mounting Specifications

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