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AS 360 TM - Humminbird 360 Imaging Bow Mount



AS 360 TM


Humminbird® 360 Imaging™
Bow Mount

  • 360 Imaging up to 150 ft. in any direction
  • Shows detailed images of bottom contours, structure and fish
  • Easily Mounts on select bow mount (cable steer) trolling motors
The bow mount 360 Imaging is designed to work exclusively with Minn Kota® Maxxum® and Minn Kota® Fortrex trolling motors with foot controls only. It attaches directly to the shaft of the trolling motor with a quick release bracket and stows and deploys quickly and easily.  Power Draw:  500 mA

An AS GPS HS - External GPS receiver with heading sensor comes with the Humminbird 360 Imaging Trolling Motor you can see fish and structure up to 150 ft. in any direction from the boat, helping you catch fish before you spook them. 360 Imaging shows detailed images of bottom contours, structure and fish.  8-ft. power and  20-ft. ethernet cable attached, as well as an additional 3-ft. power cable for disconnecting quickly.

Our Price: C$1329.99

For Use with

  • HELIX 9 / 10 / 12
  • HELIX 7 / 9 / 10 / 12 G2N
  • HELIX 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12 G3N
  • ION Series
  • ONIX Series
  • SOLIX Series
  • 1159ci HD
  • 1159ci HD XD
  • 1159ci HD DI
  • 1197c SI
  • 1198c SI
  • 1199ci HD SI
  • 798ci HD SI
  • 859ci HD
  • 859ci HD XD
  • 859ci HD DI
  • 898c SI
  • 898c HD SI
  • 899ci HD SI
  • 959ci HD
  • 959ci HD XD
  • 959ci HD DI
  • 998c SI
  • 998c HD SI
  • 999ci HD SI

Some models will require a free downloadable software upgrade.

Product Notes

Revolutionary 360 Imaging scans underwater places that are virtually impossible to see with conventional sonar. It produces a 150-ft. beam that sweeps in every direction to create a 300-ft. circle of detection around your boat, letting you see fish all around you without moving over them (1.6 acres of total coverage). The imaging beam sweeps the surrounding water and detects fish, underwater structure, rocks, terrain changes and more – helping you target fish hideouts with surgical precision that would remain hidden to other sonar devices. Four beam speeds and adjustable 10°-360° sweep areas let you fine tune the system and isolate specific areas for maximum detail or faster returns. The lower beam speeds scan slower and more thoroughly to produce better-quality images, while the higher beam speeds deliver faster refresh rates. The adjustable sweep area lets you adjust the beam sweep between 10°-360° in any direction, or choose one of four preset sweep settings that scan fore, aft, port or starboard with a 180° arc. Mark important returns with a waypoint and keep track of productive fishing spots with the GPS on your Humminbird unit (select units only). Split-screen views also let you see 360° imaging with SwitchFire™ sonar or GPS cartography. Adjustable beam sensitivity for adapting to varying water conditions. Choose from eight color palettes for easy viewing. Adjustable image sharpness for clearer resolution in different light conditions. Requires an Ethernet-ready, Side Imaging®-equipped Humminbird fish finder (not included). Older side-imaging units will need a software update.


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