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Hamby's Beaching Bumpers - FISHNTECH


Hamby's Protector Beaching Bumper is available as a factory installed option from most major Boat Manufacturers. Because of the need for special equipment and the slightly technical nature of installation, the Original Hamby's must be dealer installed.


The Hamby's will fit most v-hulled boats, it is made from a super tough
Urethane, similar to what automobile manufacturers use to protect
the chrome bumpers on vehicles - only it's tougher!

Manufactured in 6 foot and 8 foot length, both are 6 inches wide with
a center impact area, of 5/8 inches thick, the beaching bumper
weighs about 4 1/2 and 6 pounds respectively.

The Hamby's Beaching Bumper is installed with West System epoxy,
giving our product the strongest bond available on the market!

Dealer installed Hamby's Beaching Bumper

6 foot Hamby's Beaching Bumper


8 foot Hamby's Beaching Bumper


The above prices include installation of the beaching bumper
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