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How the FlipClip™ Works


Fish Friendly. Angler Approved.

After years of development, the FlipClip™ is the only non-invasive method to keep deep-caught fish stabilized in your live-well while their air bladder regulates.


Just How Does it Work?

When a bass is pulled from deep water, their air bladder is likely to swell, causing the fish to "belly up" in your live-well.


By attaching the FlipClip™ to your fish's anal fin, the weight will cause your fish to be stabilized. This forces your fish's gills to remain submerged in the water.


By having the FlipClip™ applied to your fish, it reduces their stress from limiting the amount of energy that would otherwise be spent to upright itself in your live-well.


Research has shown that the FlipClip™ is an effective tool that greatly increases a fish's chances of survival.

About the Clip of the FlipClip™

The clip of the FlipClip™ is a very important element of the product. The nickel-plated clip provides the perfect amount of tension to firmly grasp the fin of your fish. The nickel-plating also prevents the clip from rusting. 

The 'teeth' of the clip are textured to create enough friction to not slide off the fin, while simultaneously preventing trauma.

Live-Well Friendly

The weighted portion of each FlipClip™ is rubber coated. This coating prevents scratching to the bottom of your live-well.

Colors for Culling

FlipClip™ 3-packs include three different colors. These colors allow FlipClips™ to also be used as a marker to identify the smallest fish within your live-well so you can quickly locate which fish should be thrown back, a process called culling.

FlipClip™ News

To the Point. The in's and outs of fizzing fish to save them, by Gord Pyzer
Published in Outdoor Canada Magazine, January 2010

"When it was time to weigh the fish, I had to chase them around the live-well; they were so frisky," writes dual-roled angler and outdoors writer, Gord Pyzer, as he shares his personal experience with the FlipClip™
» Read the Article Here

The FlipClip
3 pack


The FlipClip
3 pack
10 oz bottle
Catch N Release
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