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Erupt Fishing Rod Threading Device


Erupt Fishing ROD THREADING DEVICE - C$41.99 ea.

Erupt Fishing is all about bringing innovative products to America's favorite sport to make it even more enjoyable for all anglers. It's patented RTD solves the usual headaches associated with threading line through rod guides. The line attaches to the bobbin with a simple tug and then the RTD self-centers itself to feed the line through each guide as it is advanced by hand up or down the rod.

Fast and easy to use, RTD works with most rod types, including bass, walleye and crappie ... and also works on fly rods. The unit's compact size fits easily into tackle box trays.

Patented Technology Threads Line Through Rod Guides

The RTD works with most traditional rod guides, casting and spinning, to thread rods in mere seconds.

The RTD does not work on Micro or similar small size rod guides.


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Price: CAD$41.99


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